That's My Dog


This is my dachshund, Roxy, painted from a picture of her at 8 weeks old.  Roxy was my husband and I's first baby.  She was so tiny when we got her that she could fit in the palm of our hand.  We took her everywhere.  About a month after we got her, we thought it would be a great idea to give her a sister, which is when we brought home a rescued mutt - we named her Sasha.

It's funny how different they are.  Roxy is quite stuck up and doesn't follow direction very well and Sasha (who is twice her size) is super sweet and listens very well.  Our dogs were the center of our lives for years, until our boys were born.  Now it feels like a chore to feed and walk them, but we still love them and they will always be our first babies.  

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