Beginning Again

Hawaiian Kokua Fish

Welcome to my art blog!  I'm Heather Torres.  After taking a long creative detour, I decided it’s time to start reconnecting with art.  I plan to use this forum to share the projects that I work on and my development as an artist.  But before I share examples, I’ll tell you a little about me.

I’ve loved art as long as I can remember.  I entered my first drawing contest for a bike safety contest in first grade and ended up winning first prize - a bicycle!  Ever since then, I’ve been drawn to all forms of art.  I’ve experimented with sculpture, drawing, painting, and all types of crafts.  I won the Junior and Senior Art Awards (1997, 1998) for Clewiston High School and ended up pursuing an art degree at the University of Central Florida after graduation.

I enjoyed my art classes at UCF but I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to make it as a successful independent artist so I ended up changing my major to Marketing two years into it. While I do miss art, that decision ended up being a great choice for me - I don’t regret it a bit.  I’ve had a very successful marketing career, the opportunity to travel all over the country, and I currently work as a marketing instructor and department chair at Full Sail University, one of the world’s leading schools for media arts and entertainment.

When I’m not working or creating something, I am spending time with my husband and two amazing boys - ages 1 and 3.  I hope you’ll follow my artistic journey.