Music in the Soul

Music in the Soul

As many of you know, art is a hobby of mine.  A hobby that I love dearly, but a hobby none the less.  I work full-time for a university that specializes in entertainment media (entertainment/music business, recording arts, film, gaming, etc.)  I have to be the luckiest girl in the world - I get to mentor and teach students about marketing, meet lots of interesting people in the entertainment industry, and work on some really cool special projects.  The latest is a guitar design project in partnership with Dean Guitars where students have the opportunity pitch a product idea and business plan to a major guitar manufacturer.  It's a really awesome project and I have had so much fun working on it!

I love music - and draw a lot of inspiration from it.  So when my dear friend Kati asked me to create a rock-n-roll themed painting for her baby boy's nursery, a guitar instantly popped into my head...I'm sure I was influenced by some of the cool presentations I've been exposed to lately but I can assure you that the design was 100% my own. 

The background color is a fairly new color I'm trying out called Shadow Violet.  The color separates as it dries.  It turned out a little darker than I expected but I'm excited to use it again.

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