Paradise Inspired

Paradise Inspired
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Have you ever been somewhere and the moment you got there you knew your life would never be the same?  That's how I felt when I woke up to a beautiful sunrise on a Kauai, Hawaii beach.  

Before our kids were born, my husband, myself, and a couple of our best friends traveled 20 hours and finally arrived in Hawaii but it was too dark to see the paradise that surrounded us.  The next morning we woke up in time to see the sun rise off the east coast.  It was one of the most surreal times in my life.  We stood there amazed by the beauty that surrounded us.  I will never forget that moment. 

A year ago, Alex and I went to visit his brother, who moved to Hawaii several months earlier.  Even though it was our second time there and we stayed in Honolulu instead of Kauai and Maui, we were still completely overwhelmed by the beauty of the islands.  This painting was inspired by Hawaii.  One day I'll live there...I may be old and gray but one day....

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