Pink Honu

Pink Honu
Watercolor on Paper

Happy New Year!!!  On the last day of this year I put the finishing touches on this pink sea turtle.  In Hawaiian, the turtle (or honu) represents good luck, which I find very timely as we ring in 2013.  

This has been a very challenging year for my family, as my husband struggled to find a new career and my four year old son spent a week in the hospital recovering from an injured hand.  But I can't complain - I have an amazing job, I made a lot of time for painting, and my family relationships are stronger than indeed has been a wonderful year!

My resolution for 2013 is to take my painting skills to the next level.  I feel like I've come a long way this year but I'm going to work even harder in 2013 to improve.  Do any of you have resolutions this year?

Thanks so much for the support you all have shown me this year - I truly appreciate each and every comment on my blog.  What an amazingly supportive community!  Best wishes in the new year!

Here are a pair of pink paintings with my oldest son (in pajamas). :-) 

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