Brand New Day

Brand New Day
Watercolor on Paper

My nieces are the most beautiful dancers.  They have been dancing from the time they were in Kindergarden.  Now they are middle school age and their dancing brings me to tears.  They do the most beautiful duets and compete against other dancers from around the world.  I know I am a little biased as their aunt but they really are the best dancers I've ever known.  They are truly amazing and inspiring...and they definitely inspired this piece.

I decided to do this painting in the semi-abstract style that we discussed my watercolor class this week.  I really like the style.  It looks like this piece could be a stained glass window or a quilt, and I've always liked both. There is something about the geometric shapes that I'm drawn to.  I've found this style to be very challenging though, even more so than more realistic pieces.  Although I must say I love watching the colors bleed together as they dry in each shape.  

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