Lesson 3: Semi-Abstract Fundamentals

I'm really enjoying my class.  This week we learned a lot about the fundamentals of semi-abstract painting.  I've never done a semi-abstract painting, at least not using the techniques I learned in class.  It was interesting and I can't wait to do my homework this week.  The painting above was a practice painting that we did in class.  We had 20 minutes to paint a semi-abstract painting...which isn't a lot of time to fill all those tiny little shapes.  I know it's not the greatest but it got me to start differently about composition.

Using one of Ken's paintings as reference, first we discussed the importance of creating a focal point using the rule of thirds or center of interest.  The following images are examples of where objects should be placed in a painting to make it more visually interesting:

Rule of Thirds

Center of Interest

Then we went though some terms, discussing the different techniques for developing a semi-abstract painting.  Here are some ways it can be done:

Homework begins this weekend, God willing!  Wish me luck!