Building Sun Castles

Building Sun Castles
Watercolor on Paper

There's nothing like a day at the beach with family!  You'll find that most of my paintings are tropical in nature.  I painted this from a reference photo of my son but wanted to change it up a little and added lines to the background and foreground to give it more of an abstract feel.  I learned through trial and error (I completely messed up the first one I did) that this style doesn't work when adding the geometric angles to people.  My first try made the people look way to mechanical and weird.  I'm pleased with the way this painting turned out but I'm sure I'll find something I want to change on it tomorrow (as usual).

Here's the little guy with his Papa (my dad).  My boys have a bond with their grandpa like no other.  Could it be that he spoils them too much!?   I'm so thankful for their relationship.

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