I Found Nemo

I Found Nemo
Watercolor on Paper
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My four year old son has been asking me to paint Nemo, one of the Disney characters, for months.  Tonight I started to experiment with Kosher salt and watercolor and after doing the piece below, I couldn't help but think of how much it looks like an underwater landscape to me.  So I finally found my inspiration to start painting Nemo, this little clown fish.  While it doesn't look just like Nemo, this painting was certainly inspired by him.

The texture that salt brings to a painting just cant be duplicated without the salt - it absorbs the paint to create these funky patterns.  I love the way it bleeds.  And if watercolor wasn't predictable enough, the salt just adds even more unpredictability.  How fun!  I'll be doing more pieces like this in the future - stay tuned for more underwater sea life with a true salt water background.

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