Lighthouse Point Marina

Lighthouse Point Marina
Watercolor on Paper

This brightly colored tropical piece was painted from a photo taken at one of my favorite spots, the Lighthouse Point Marina.  It's for one of my best friends, Kim.  Kim and I were friends in college - we were in the same sorority (Pi Beta Phi), lived together for three years, and practically grew up together. We've stayed really close over the years and despite all of life's crazy events (the birth of our kids, old/new relationships, friendships, etc.) we've always been there for each other.  She lives in south Florida and every time I go to visit her, the Lighthouse Point Maria is a destination of choice.

(Kim patiently waiting for me to take countless reference photos.)

I really boosted the color on this one, at Kim's request.  This is probably one of the most detailed paintings I've ever done.  Here's an in-progress photo taken earlier this week.  I hope you all are enjoying your weekend.  It was nice to stay inside this weekend to work on this.  It is getting HOT here in Florida!

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