Flamboyant Tree

Flamboyant Tree
Watercolor on paper
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I returned from a wonderful East Caribbean vacation with my husband, Alex on Saturday.  We took a cruise to Nassau, San Juan, St. Thomas, and Grand Turk.  We had an amazing time.  We left our boys with my parents and stayed very busy with sight seeing.  It was a great way to celebrate our 10 year anniversary!  Needless to say, I really missed my kids and painting but I came back with lots of inspiration.  

One of my favorite trees that is native to the caribbean islands is the flamboyant tree.  They are beautiful!  I decided to paint one in a graphic style (above).  I used the reference photo below, which Alex took with his cell phone.  Obviously, I used an artistic license to make the scene more appealing.  I'm thankful I was able to squeeze in some painting time before heading back to work tomorrow.  Yay!

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