Jasmine's Haven

Jasmine's Haven
11x14 inches
Watercolor on Paper

My 13 year old niece Jasmine asked me to paint a painting for her for her birthday, which is just around the corner. She is a gifted writer. When I asked her what she wanted she replied with this: 

"The sun is hidden behind thick, grey storm clouds, that threaten to pour down on paradise. You smile as you take in your surroundings. Pine trees surround you on all sides, blowing in the stormy wind. You peer down at the ground and notice a peculiar, lilac flower, broken from the stem, peeping out from underneath the toe of your boot. You bend, and pick up the misplaced flower and begin to walk aimlessly, trying to find the birth place of this flower. Without your knowledge, you break through a small amount of bushes, and you gasp at the amazing sight. 

There is a clearing, filled with the mysterious looking flower, that is the center of a pine tree dome. The grey clouds add to the magnificent effect of the dome, almost as if it is the lid of a beautiful trap. You take more steps until you reach the center, and you bask in what you have found to be your personal heaven." 

Ha! I love that girl. I've to to be honest, I was taken aback a little by this request.  I didn't know where to start.  But I was totally inspired by her words.  I hope her dedication to writing continues to grow - what an inspiration!

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