The Adventures of Kazoo

The Adventures of Kazoo
11x14 inches
Watercolor on Paper

This has to be one of my most fun commissions to date!  A friend's sister sent me an email a few weeks ago, asking if I'd do a commissioned piece with Kazoo.  Here's a excerpt from her email: "Who is Kazoo you may ask? Kazoo is (her husband) Ben's friend. He refuses to call him a stuffed monkey but, that is who he is. Ben has had Kazoo for about 28 years. Kazoo goes on trips with us (we like to get photos of him in different places) and he was in our wedding. Ben has constructed an entire personality and story line for Kazoo and many of our friends and family know him well."

Caroline was pretty specific about what she wanted, which I found very inspiring!  She wanted Kazoo to be wearing a smoking jacket, holding a glass of scotch and a pipe, sitting next to a fire place, with a portrait of Ben hanging above it.  She sent me photos of Kazoo, her husband Ben, and their living room fireplace.  

I thought the idea was so cute!  This morning I woke up to a video of Ben receiving the painting at his birthday party (dubbed Bentoberfest...which is awesome!)  Caroline, thank you for sharing Ben's special day with me.  It was so much fun to be a part of it!

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