Illustrated Children's Book is Now Available!

My first illustrated children's book: "My Dad is in Jail"
Written by: Amber M. Ryan

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A few months ago, I was approached by my childhood friend, Amber, with an idea.  She wanted me to illustrate a children's book.  I was a little hesitant at first.  I had never illustrated a book and knew it would take a tremendous amount of time to complete.  I knew it was a huge commitment but I told her to send it over anyway for my review.  Once I had the opportunity to read it, I knew it was something I HAD to do.  "My Dad is in Jail" is a book that sets out to normalize a topic that most adults have a difficult time understanding and accepting.

It the topic controversial?  Yes.  Will it raise some eye brows?  Probably.  But I don't care.  Think of all the children out there that have parents that are incarcerated.  They are forced to live in a single parent household, desperately missing the relationship once had with a father in their daily life.  Being a parent and seeing the close relationship my children have with their father helped me realize how much they would be missing if their dad was in jail.

I'm thankful Amber approached me with this idea and I hope our book will play a small role in helping children accept a situation that is out of their control and so is difficult to understand.  If you know a child that has a father that is incarcerated, this is the perfect book for them.  It's available on Amazon and Kindle  - learn more here:

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