11x14 inches
Watercolor on Paper
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One of my best friends, Kim inspired this piece.  A couple weeks ago, I attempted a creative portrait of her and gave up after a couple days of pretty intense painting.  I just couldn't get it to work and eventually ended up abandoning the piece.  This was a second attempt at a painting of her and I think I did a pretty good job capturing her likeness from a random photograph that I found of her on Facebook profile.

The symbolism in this piece really means a lot to me.  Swallow tattoos on sailors historically show off their sailing experience. Each swallow represents 5,000 nautical miles. The pose/look in her eyes looks seductive and/or love smitten, like a siren. The title, which was recommended by my friend, Davey, seems to tie all of it together.  A "sextant" is used for marine navigation by measuring celestial bodies.  And in Davey's words, "You certainly have a celestial body there, and it would imply that she is guiding a sailor's heart to home."  Love it!  Thanks for the inspiration, Kim and Davey!!!

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