Carol Carter Workshop

I had a wonderful weekend!  I participated in a workshop with one of my favorite watercolor artists, Carol Carter.  We are pictured together above with my new Carol Carter alligator painting.  Carol has a unique style of painting.  She truly embraces the distinct properties of the watercolor medium. Seeing her work and learning her style of painting was both educational and inspiring.  

Carol shared hundreds of examples of her artwork with us.  The workshop took place in an old warehouse that was turned into an amazing studio.  Carrie Jadus and Mark Aeling are two of the skilled artists that work at Soft Water Studios, the St. Petersburg, Florida studio that hosted Carol's workshop.  We were able to work among forty paintings that were on display for Carol's current show, "Postcards From the Edge of Florida."  ...Talk about inspiration!

Carol had us complete two different demos - one with cantaloupe and pears; the other with beautiful bell shaped flowers.  We all learned the importance of using strong value, intense color, and LOTS of water.  

I stayed with my aunt and uncle that live in nearby, Brandon.  On Saturday night, they took me to Anna Maria Island to see a sidewalk art festival.  A few shots from the event are below.  Overall, it was a great weekend, full of art, learning, and new friends.  I want to thank Carol for being such a wonderful teacher.  She didn't hold back in any way and I feel like I learned so much.  She was patient and one of the best teachers I've ever had.  I definitely recommend that you take one of her workshops if you are ever given the opportunity.

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