Eternal Love

Eternal Love
14x14 inches
Watercolor on Paper
Private Collection

The love for your own child is something that's hard to explain.  You think you knew love before that precious baby is welcomed to the world but the lasting, unconditional, eternal love your feel for your child is something special.  This painting is of my youngest child and I.  He just turned four and at this moment in our lives, he is so funny.  He talks constantly, is wise beyond his years, has the most vivid imagination, and constantly reassures you about how much he loves you, with kisses and hugs to go with it.  He has complete conversations with his toys and will tell you stories the most accomplished storyteller would be envious of.  I love him dearly and had to paint this piece because it represents my relationship with him right now.  It think it may be my favorite painting to date.

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